What is ACSSL?

ACSSL, The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars of Lubbock.

What does ACSSL do?

The purpose of this association is to promote intercultural exchange and friendship between the body of Chinese students and scholars and all other Tech students and provide educational and cultural services for the members of the association. ACSSL has been bringing people together since 2009 to promote Asian heritage and ideals, while embracing the exchange with other cultural backgrounds. ACSSL encourages people of all ethnic backgrounds who are interested in Chinese heritage to become a member. We invite you to come enjoy yourself at any one of our upcoming events. We encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds who are interested to become an ACSSL member!

Who can join ACSSL?

Membership is open to anyone enrolled or employed at Tech who expresses interest in joining the association to promote its goals and objectives. However, only registered Texas Tech students may vote or hold office.

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